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I would like to take some time to give you a brief introduction to the beginnings of my German Shorthaired Pointers. I’m 62 years old and can say I was born into the dogs life, my father was a breeder of hunting dogs…therefore I have always had a love for dogs and hunting.

My interest in the breed of German Shorthaired Pointers began in the late 80’s. I was impressed by their athletic confirmation and low maintenance short hair.

In 1988 I purchased my first German Shorthaired Pointer, a solid liver male named Vock, I was blown away with his trainability and temperament. With two sons, I was also impressed with his strong family bond and companionship. Vock was anxious to please, had a strong bird drive, and an exceptional retriever in water as well as the field.  I loved his solid points.

This experience with Vock is what led me to become a breeder in 1998. I have always been one to put forth every effort to the best of my ability. With this determination and knowledge for the breed, I sought out a line of dogs with very strong German bloodlines, in doing this I came across the colors of solid black and black/whites. These dogs really caught my interest. So with a lot of studding, I found a black/ticked stud and my breeding program of all the colors began. From this breeding, I saved a white and black male that I named Bowie.

Dog Transport Trailer

Dog Transport Trailer

Bowie became a very potent white/black stud, in my area producing over a decade of pups. Along with Bowie, I purchased a solid liver male named Boss Vom Kelter. I purchased Boss from Willie and Robert Engelking of Kings Kennels in Riverwoods Chicago. Boss really strengthened my German bloodlines.

Both have now moved on to empty collars, but their genetics still live strong in my breeding program and make up the dogs that I now produce. I truly believe that when you purchase a pup from my bloodlines not only will you have an all natural hunting/family dog of a lifetime, but you’ll never own another breed.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my web site and feel free to contact me at anytime.

Sincerely, Gary Moltzan

Owner and Breeder, Von Moltz German Shorthaired Pointers

Perham, Minnesota  56573


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